Central European FLL finals in Triberg (Germany)

The Central European FLL finals, taking place at Triberg, Black Forest (Germany) on last Saturday, has been a great experience! A lot of competent teams took part - the Alleskönner?! from the Ketteler-Realschule at Hopsten (Germany) finally made it to FLL Champion (and thus attendee of the FLL World Finals in April at Atlanta, USA). Congratulations!

This is a movie that I have created from my own photos. Unfortunately, the rechargable battery of my camera gave up rather soon, so the greatest part of the teams and of the event can not be seen there. :-(
Nevertheless: Enjoy!


Ethan Steckmann said…
great video I would love to see more video of teams robots.

Anonymous said…
Who knew that Samuel L. Jackson could rap?

I enjoyed seeing the different countries. Much different look from here in the States.

Thanks for the pix.
Unknown said…
lego farmer,

what are the actual differences in the look?

MP (*curious*)
Anonymous said…

I am referring to the flags. It's a small touch, but it is a constant reminder of the international blend of competitors.

In contrast, the qualifying tournament my team will attend will consist of 60 teams, all from within about a 10 mile radius.

The top teams will move to the State Championship, which will,of course, consist of teams all from the same state.

Our teams are unique, of course, but still pretty homogenous in many ways.
Anonymous said…
Better a dead battery in the camera than a dead battery in the 'bot!

Unknown said…
lego farmer,
Thanks for the comment.

Yes, the diversity certainly is one of the particular charms of Old Europe. :-)

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