As usually after the end of the regional finals, the FLL commitee has announced the topic of next season's FLL competition:
Climate Connections

Citing from the German FLL site:
Climate Connections - Building A Global Game Plan
The "winds of change are blowing" and with them comes FIRST LEGO League's 2008 Climate Connections Challenge! Join us as we explore why many experts believe the earth's climate is changing and how these changes impact you and our planet. The causes, contributions, and consequences are all interconnected and the experts are telling us to "think globally - act locally." People, resources, and local actions need to be united to establish a global game plan. Do FIRST LEGO League teams have what it takes to make these global Climate Connections?

Registration will start on 1st of March.


Anonymous said…
The 2008 registration starts May 1.
Ethan Steckmann said…
global warming were all going to dye!!!!!!!!

Unknown said…
for Germany, the site states March the 1st as the official start of registration.

Maybe this is wrong?
Anonymous said…
Gee, I never thought that the registration date might be different in different countries, but I guess that's possible. I got my info from the schedule on the FIRST site.
Anonymous said…
I love the Idea of "think globally - act locally."
I think this will be the start of our project.

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