FLL Mission Overview Part 13 - Uranium

Objective: Move the three "Uranium" items OUT of the Farm. You do not nessecarily need to bring it to Base, but that will help in aspects of other missions.

Point Worth: 15 points.

Mission Location: The North-East (top right) corner of mat.

Estimated Difficulty Rating: 4/10

Time Length Rating: Medium

Unique Challenge Aspects: n/a

Wow, this mission is pretty straightfoward and simple: move the Uranium rings (I didn't know Uranium came in rings!) out of the farm for 15 points, though it might do a team good to bring them back to Base. The one trick to this might be the tricky placement of the Uranium rings in the corner, with the possible trap of getting stuck in the corner.

Note that these Uranium rings are also used in the Power Plant mission... each green Uranium ring moved to the Power Plant's property counts as an extra 10 points each, but a red Uranium ring will make the Power Plant mission count for nothing.

Also, with all these tournaments starting up, feel free to tell us about your tournament expierences!
Good luck!



Anonymous said…
I have a 2nd year team, and we couldn't manage this one (9 and 10 year olds). The backup plan was just to nudge them to the side so that they're off the farm, but we kept nudging the red one onto the power plant, or not far enough.
Anonymous said…
Me and my team are about to go to a competition and we almost have the uranium perfected.Hoever we need the intsructions to the rest of the props.If anyone has an idea where we can find the rest of the prop info post the answer here!!!!!

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