FLL Mission Overview Part 14 - Wind Turbines

Objective: Move the wind turbines farther than directly outside of base such that they're touching a white part of the mat and are upright.

Point Worth: 30 points (15 for each scoring wind turbine)

Mission Location: n/a

Estimated Difficulty Rating: 1/10

Time Length Rating: Low

Unique Challenge Aspects: Position of wind turbines can affect the score of another mission (Grid Connection)

This is the last mission post... how many of you teams out there have tournaments coming up? My team will be competing at the NJ Tournament on the 8th, so if anyone else is also going to be there, be sure to stop by and say hello!

This mission is quite easy... just push the wind turbines out of the area directly outside of base. Unfortunately FLL was vague in their definition of "directly outside of base", but in a Q&A they put up a pdf to clarify. It shows the scoring areas on the mat, and you can see it here. Areas 11, 5, and 8 are considered directly outside of base, so you'd need to push the turbines outside of those areas. For example, if you wanted to push the wind turbines directly North of base, you'd need to push them above the second road outside of base, into area 4.

Another thing to remember is that the location of the wind turbines can affect the score of the Grid Connection mission. You get extra points for each community that is touched by both the power lines and a wind turbine. Note that having two turbines in a single community that is touching the power lines won't give you twice as much points as having one turbine in that community.


Richard's Comments: Note that the Wind Turbines must be upright in order to score. And I can tell you, they are fairly top heavy and easy to knock over. Be careful.

Also, if anyone is coming to the Greenwood Scrimmage in SC, Clemson Regional, or South Carolina State Tournament, be sure to stop by team 784, Blue Knight's pit area and say hello!


Peter Hoh said…
Nice design. Do the blades spin?

Looks like the blades are connected with a rare part, the Technic Liftarm Rotor 3 Blades. These sell for 2 or 3 dollars apiece on Bricklink.
No, they're connected with a different piece that has studs on it.

Peter Hoh said…
Okay, it must be the Technic Rotor 3 Blade with 6 Studs.

Do the blades rotate?
Anonymous said…
Yes, the blades rotate. And thanks for the tip on the rarity of these connectors. I'll be sure to abscond with them from my team after the season is over!
Yeah that's it.

Anonymous said…
they might not be rare much longer you get a few in the new harvester, you get 4 like the new treads were 1 dollar each at first at BL now that lego ed sells them for 10$ for 100 pluss 10 coggs the price has dropped at BL. the snow mobile is gone-out of stock.
Peter Hoh said…
Well, the studded rotor blade is not as rare as the studless one, but it's still an unusual piece.

22doc, I remember thinking that those treads would become cheaper. Glad they have. Last thing I want is to worry about keeping track of tiny parts that are expensive to replace.
Anonymous said…
Yes, the blades rotate, but (and this is the important part), they do not kill any birds!

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