FLL viewed from inside

Dean Takahashi, author of the Tech talk blog and father of a member of an American FLL all-girls team, the RoboChicks (nice name, almost as good as The Smiling Noodleheads mentioned there!), has published an article that I consider very worthwhile to read, as it shows the perspective from "inside" on the way a team and the associated persons experience a day of competition on an FLL event.

Check it out!


Talking Chimp said…
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Talking Chimp said…
It must be nice to have a Dad who writes tech for a Silicon Valley newspaper.

The RoboChicks are a great example of how a team comes out of nowhere and manages to do very well (advance to California State Championships in their rookie year), while its coaches and parents adhere to the FLL ideals (unlike some teams I've seen).

There is no shortage of amateur videos of FLL teams. Here is a well-done video, produced by a San Jose Mercury News guy, of the RoboChicks at their 2006 Nanoquest regional tournament:


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