How do you use this part?

Because many of us would like to learn how to effectively use more of the parts in the NXT kit, I'm going to start by asking you, our readers and bloggers, to share how and when you would use this part---the TECHNIC Knob Wheel. If you include pictures (which I hope you will), please make them close-up shots.


Anonymous said…
This is the part to use to build 90° transmission that don't grind or slip!
Anonymous said…
They can be used as gears.
Laurens Valk said…
I totally agree with both Philo and Q-tip.

They are very useful and can be used as normal gears.

As for pictures, I used knob wheels in the feet of the biped I posted earlier. I used them to make a 90° angle, like Philo described.

They are more reliable than the black bevel gears in the kit when there is a heavy load on the gears, like in the biped.
Anonymous said…
Yes they are GREAT at 90* changes of angle or 45*. I use them only now. Thet are wonderfull and MUCH stronger as well for this. My bipeds use them X6 uses three sets. to look at it many might think its not very good but it might be the strongest gear Lego made when in a 90* set up.
BlueToothKiwi said…
I use them a lot. Check out how the knob wheels are used with the PF motor in my SUmo lifter arm to topple more than 10 lbs of weights in the video here (around a minute into it):

Sumo video with knob wheel in action

Also have a look at the comments from a previous post here
Unknown said…
They are great for switching by 90° without adding any gearing (keeping a 1:1 ratio). They also fit in the tightest corner. Knob wheels are core to the "close & lift" gripper design in NXTCamNosey.
Anonymous said…
I use them for claws and grippers. The only downside to them I can think of is that when you have a claw attached to them the claw can still move a little bit without turning the motor.
Anonymous said…
(Read using best grandpa voice)

Back in the old RCX days we used those as part of a homemade rotation sensor. The knobs are perfect for pressing the button on a touch sensor and you got 8 counts per revolution. Half as good as the rotation sensor.

Now leave me alone you whippersnappers. I'm going to take a nap.
Anonymous said…
bah, back in MY day, we didn't even have knob wheels, had to make our own contraption to press the button on a touch sensor to count rotations. You crazy kids and your new-fangled built-in rotation sensors.
Anonymous said…
I'd like to see more posts like this one. Although I think your forum may be a better solution.

For example:

Pieces are listed by name with a picture ( having it in the forum lets anyone post a picture).

I'd also like to see multiple pieces snapped together an a useful configuration , given a meaningful name, compared to a real world mechanical configuration....

To date, I haven't seen anything like this for technic pieces.
Fay Rhodes said…
The forum is a good idea. Perhaps someone will respond with some close-up shots, so we can see the actual mechanisms.
Unknown said…
london reinhard,

TOUCH SENSOR? You were lucky to have a TOUCH SENSOR!
Luxury. *grmbl*

We had to build our own touch sensor with filthy cracked LEGO beams cut out from a brown paper bag with LEGO advertising on it.
Which we got for working twenty-nine hours a day down mill and pay mill owner for permission to come to work!

But you try and tell the young people today that... and they won't believe ya'.
David Levy said…
I added a closeup shot to your forum entry.



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