Interview with Steve Hassenplug

Steve Hassenplug talks about himself, the OMNI, and using the Compass Sensor... this video was taken at NIWeek 2007 in Austin.


Apparently, this is in fact the 'Original Steve' and not one of his various clones. The orange shirts in the background can confirm this and validate that no switch was made during NIWeek07.

(orange shirt blue hat)
Unknown said…
I wonder how YOU can distinguish Steve from one of his clones?
Maybe he has been exchanged when you have not been looking for some seconds? ;-)

Nice video - actually the first time I have seen OMNI in action, I think.
BlueToothKiwi said…
Actually I could have sworn that at the begining Steve was holding the Green monster - and in the middle of the film, one of his clones (wearing white shirt) was seen holding the Green Monster.

[Bryan - no offence intended]
David Levy said…
Speaking of the Green Monster ..does anyone know a good way to secure that big green wheel on an axle and minimize the bending?
BlueToothKiwi said…

You can support the axle from both sides. Like this:


where x represent 15M liftarms on either side of the wheel on the axles and . represent nothing.

I will be posting a model that has that in a couple of weeks.
Anonymous said…
Nice Steve!

Very Good speeking skills! :)

Haha, yeah I saw Bryan too.

-Your friend (who is un-named...)

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