Designing a Sumo robot with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT

Beginners Guide to NXT Sumo:
Robot sumo is one of the fastest growing sports around. Now if you own a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, you can join in as well.

If you still don't feel the urge to get down to designing your own Sumo robot that is going to kick butt in the sumo ring against contestants all over the world, then this might help. This beginners Guide also has a video that walks you through getting your model ready for NXTLog in five simple steps.

Beginers Sumo Guide on LEGO web site.

If you checkout the five step video, you would notice a small clip of a Sumo robot in action with another robot. If you want to see the complete battle, check out this YouTube video:

And you still have a few days left if you have not started your Sumo robot. Good luck!


Unknown said…
The media concerning Sumo is very well done - good work!
People will having trouble to access it when they navigate over the LEGO MINDSTORMS pages - I couldn't find any link to the BeginnerSumo page there (at least it's not very prominent obvious if there's any).

Having page and movie on German also would be very helpful to German youngsters.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I've just (just) started my second sumo. I'll have to kick up a gear to get it in, in time. I've really began to enjoy this challenge.

BlueToothKiwi said…
Buckskinn92: That is great to hear.

MP: I think most people find the Beginners section by clicking through from one of the News page - but thank you for the feedback regarding other languages - But you have done an excellent job of promoting it via Die NXTe Ebene for the German readers. Well done.

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