NXT Sumo: How to build a Sumo ring to test your robot

If you intend on entering the NXT SUMO contest, you still have more than a week to go. How good is your sumo robot?

One of the best thing you can do to see how well it will do in the ring, is to make a ring your self and see if your robot would last in the ring for five minutes with an inanimate object.

Building a ring is relatively easy: Click here for full instructions:



Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great movie and how-to. You've really pushed me to submit my sumo for the challenge.

Mine's not very spiffy, and I've been having a rough time making a program.
So I'll give it another whack!

Thanks again!

Buckskinn92 on NXTLog
BlueToothKiwi said…
Thanks Buckskinn92 for the feedback.

P.S. Aren't you the dude who created Mr. NXT that won one of the NXTLOG champion award?

I wish you all the luck in your sumo bot!

Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the posting the instructions for this! THis will be a project for FIL when he's here for Christmas.

PErfect timing!
Anonymous said…
Yes, I am the dude! :D That was alot of fun.

Thanks, I'm trying to get a second one out!


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