NXT version of the Bristelbot

Here is a lame attempt at a NXT version of the Bristelbot ( featured here) . It is not really a bristle chassis at all. I just wanted to see how I can achieve forward motion in the same manner.


Andy said…
Haha! lol, that was funny to watch, really cool. Inspired me to make an attempt on building another NXT version of it. The Bristlebot is really cool! Both versions! :-P

Anonymous said…
it looks like it is leaving the ground? Might have a hopper their as well. I cant believe the NXT stays on the motor!
Anonymous said…
Nice, this could be a great new very quick form of NXT transportation if we can duplicate the Bristlebot.
Nate KI6STK said…
I was thinking of a NXT design the has many tooth brush heads as a base for the NXT and then the motors shift the weight of the NXT around to make a large scale NXT bristlebot.
NXTMonger said…
That's not lame at all! It's hilarious! Although you didn't really achieve forward motion, more like circular.

David Levy said…
Yeh. When I said "lame" I really meant "why bother duplicating the bristlebot on a platform that doesn't have the same limitations." I was wondering what the reaction would be.

I've found that I can achieve close to forward motion by changing the starting point of the spin and/or the degree of the spin.

I tell you what I like best about this exercise was the minimum use of pieces and trying to get the thing not to tip over.

I'm also starting to use different pieces creatively to build structures. With the technic pieces you just have to build often to get better. (duh.. right?)
TechnicBRICKs said…
LoL, funny!

It seems something is oing to break appart shortly... ;-)

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