Pin Joiner Perpendicular Part

On the theme of making use of unique parts, how have you used this part in your NXT projects? Do you find it useful? Do you wish this part become more available?


Unknown said…
As for me, I have never used it in any of my models.
BlueToothKiwi said…
As I remember it, you only get one of thise in the NXT kit (correct me if I am wrong).
I would use it as a corner piece to strenthen joins if it came in pairs or more. But like Mathias - it is one of those bits (apart from the red and blue balls) that gets left behind in the box in all my creations, at the end of construction!
Harlan Howe said…
Wow. That doesn't come in the academic version of the kit. It looks very useful, if you have several of them. If I had any complaint about mindstorms, it would be that there aren't enough pieces to let you make perpendicular joins...
Anonymous said…
I use these to make right-angles. I have a few of them. I wish I had more though. :)
I don't think this part comes in the NXT retail kit, either.

Brian Davis said…
Yep, there is one in the retail kit. While I don't always find this piece useful, the times when I *do* need it it's critical: There is no compact replacement for it. Notably it's one of the smallest piece that will allow two rotational (pin) joints directly next to each other at right angles.

Brian Davis
Laurens Valk said…
Actually, it does come in the NXT kit.
But I never use it. I prefer these:
Technic Beam 3 x 3 Bent with Pins

Anonymous said…
very good part, rare anytime i make a order from bricklink i check to see if that store has them and at what price. i have 8 of them in TriTrax-08 they are the part that holds the 3x5 beams to the rotating hubs/large turn tables. just a hard part to find and its over priced as it is rare.
Kirk Backstrom said…
I don't have very many, and wish I did as I am sure I would use more of them in joining applications that require 90 degree angles. I find when they are paired up via a pin at the hole at the angle, they become more useful.
Wow... just goes to show how often I've used that piece :)

I had to go and dig it out, but yep... there it is. I think because there's only one, that's the reason I've ignored it. Rarely do I find that I need one piece ONLY once in a robot (not counting certain gears or axle connectors).

"only one" kills symmetrical building.

I have used this element to 'lock' halves together. One of these elements on each end of a cross beam. Yep, that's 2 needed...

Robotica said…
I use it rather often, special in the middle of the model, (still working symmetrical).
But I agree with Laurence, it would have been a better part if it would have two holes to the sides, then you can make the connection more firm.

I also prefer the Hassenplug... (oops HassenPin)

David Levy said…
I used it here yesterday.
see the picture.
Joshua Heinzl said…
These parts are very useful, but only when used strategically with other pieces to add stability in all directions.

Anonymous said…
I saw that two of these come in the Education Resource kit from LEGO Education.
Joshua Heinzl said…
Here's a list of all the sets they come in:

Josh said…
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Josh said…
I am using this connector on my new project NXJeep Here is a link to the picture on my blog . I agree that it is more useful in pairs and even numbers.


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