Review on David J. Perdue's NXT Inventor Guide, a blog run by Desis, has published a review of David J. Perdue's The Unofficial LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Inventor's Guide. As a conclusion, they state that
"it's a book that makes you want to get off your chair and start building Lego inventions".
Sounds rather positive, doesn't it?
All of you out there who have purchased that book: what is your attitude towards it?


I looked through a copy and was very impressed. The quality level is high.

Anonymous said…
I love David Purdue's book. I'm a beginner along with my 7yr old son. This book was perfect and had robots to build that are exciting to kids such as tag bot (what child can resist a game of tag?), guard bot (to guard your door when you're scared at night). The book is well written and easy to read. The pictures were good enough quality that my 7yr old (nor my 4.5yr old for that matter) had no problems following the pictures to build the robots. The programming explanations were clear. I liked the topics introduced (parallel sequence beams, My blocks, random blocks). Also, the robots were easily customizeable (is that a word?) so my son could modify the programs and robots easily.

In short, I think it's a great book to do after the tutorials in NXT-G. Tag-bot is so cute, we haven't been able to take it apart so I've had to buy a second NXT!

Anonymous said…
I had a look through it. Was not impressed at all. Dont waste your money on it. There are much better books out there.

People should spend their money on this book if... they would like some post NXT-G tutorial help or ideas and building experience for different bots. Even fairly 'advanced' folks should find enough in this book to justify the price.

There are a lot of books that I could recommend...and this is one of them.

Rick Rhodes said…
I've read the entire book and have built David's "Tag-Bot".

David's book is thorough and well-written. The instructions are the clearest I've yet seen.

This is an excellent book, especially for those new to the NXT.

Unknown said…

what were the major points you were not satisfied with?

Being an author by myself, I know that authors always are grateful for constructive criticism, so they can learn from it and optimize these particular points next time.

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