Support Gunner

Recently I built one of the robots on the Website with building instructions which I did not design. I built the Support Gunner, designed by Micah, also known as CATpit contractor on this blog.

It is a very unique design, and the mechanisms work very well. Good job Micah!

Some of the instruction steps were not very clear, so I made new instructions in Google SketchUp.

I am finally beginning to understand how it works, and how good the results can be. So if you have not tried any LEGO CAD software yet, you might want to give it a try, the installation is very simple.

So, the instructions can be found Here: (click).

For more information about the robot itself, go here.
If you prefer to download the instructions to your PC directly, download this archived folder.


Andy said…
Laurens, why don't you post the LDD file I sent you too? Maybe someone wants to have a look at it ;) But if you do, remember to tell about the missing gear that I can't place because of the (very annoying) gear meshing bug in LDD.

Anonymous said…
I want to ask something about Google SketchUp and NXT.

Did you get all the models parts for the NXT and Technics from any library like LDraw or did you make your own ?

I know other Lego CAD software like MLCad and LDD. LDD is cool but don't support all Lego Technics parts. MlCad it's so good but don't like the renderer and don't want to export work with another raytracing soft for render like PovRay.

Thanks a lot.

Laurens Valk said…
Hi Albert,
The parts were modeled by Payton White. Not all parts for the nxt are available yet. You can make your own eventually.

Though the parts for this model were all available in the 'LEGO-technic-library' made by Payton White.

You are right about the renderers for MLCAD, these can be confusing to use. You don't need any for Google Sketchup.

Although I must mention that there is no option for building instructions. I made them manually.

Hope this helps.
Unknown said…
I need a Mac Programing download or text instructions on programming it!

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