End of week wrap-up

I had a bit of a crazy week, this week... so here are some last minute news items that came in via email - thanks to those who submitted them and apologies for the delay in getting them out:

1. Rich H. has created a MINDSTORMS-specific Google Co-op for searching all things MINDSTORMS - check it out here.

2. Scott, one of the coaches for the Michigan OxfordEnergy FLL team, sent over a link for his team's latest FLL videos and photos - check it out here.

3. Frederik emailed me about his LeJOS-driven tic-tac-toe robot - view the video here.

4. Mindsensors.com has released its beta RCX Sensor multiplexer for NXT - also called the RXMux. RXMux allows you to connect upto 4 RCX style sensors to NXT and its availability should be late February. Read more here.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the post! :)

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