Fay's book cover...

Fay's new book, The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Zoo!: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Building Animals with the NXT Robotics System, now has a cover - and it looks great!

It's got her peacock on the front - complete with colored feathers. (This is one of the very first robot videos I ever saw of her creations and it definitely flaunts those feathers.)


I almost reported this myself when I saw it on Amazon last Saturday.

I like it! The style and colors look nice.

Rick Rhodes said…
I just posted a high-resolution shot of Fay's book cover, as part of Jim's original post.

You can see it by clicking on the book cover image.

Peter Hoh said…
Nice, captivating image. It definitely looks like it's related to the NXT Idea Book.
Anonymous said…
A Kid-Friendly Guide? Hold up here. By definition, the NXT kits are for kids right? So all the other books were for adults?
Rick Rhodes said…

According to LEGO, there are two basic markets for the NXT:

1) Adult "geeks" and hobbyists who enjoy the challenge of building the "biggest, baddest NXT on the block", so to speak. Some of these adults also enjoy taking NXT programming "to the next level", by using more challenging programming languages such as pbLua, Java and the like.

2) Kids (and by extension teachers and parents) who want to have fun with and learn more about LEGO robotics.

Some books on the NXT are geared to adults, like "NXT Power Programming" by John Hansen. Others, like the "NXT Zoo" are geared to parents, teachers, and kids. Still others, like the "NXT Idea Book", are for both groups, in that some of the book's robots are simple and others are more complex.

Your assessment of the various levels for the books may be accurate but unfortunately it's not very obvious. Unless you purchase the book and actually try these projects, you don't know if it's suitable for your child or not.
Well, you could always do a little research on Amazon and read about the book - there IS plenty of information on all the books out there :)

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