FLL Power Puzzle BeNeLux Final

The Benelux final of the First LEGO League will be held at the University Twente on Saturday 26 January.
You can follow this live online, (just during the games) but you are also welcome to visit us, the 32 best teams of Netherland, Belgium and Luxembourg will show their robots and fight for a place in Atlanta.
There are also several Workshops MINDSTORMS and science demonstrations, I will show several demonstration models and some models from the IDEA book.
See this page for the location.



Anonymous said…

What time are the matches starting, and what time zone are they in? I tried to get info off the website, but I can not read BeNeLux ;)


Anonymous said…

It's on NOW! who hoo!
I'm watching LIVE now at 9:50am EST... this is great, Martyn... thanks for posting.

Anonymous said…
Congrats to all the teams, and especially Herta-Mechanics, hope you have a great time here in the USA!

Excellent webcast production, good video and sound quality. Very well produced!

The breakdance troop chose some English rap songs that weren't fit for broadcast in the us. Not sure if that is a cultural thing between countries, or that most of the kids there did not speak English? It wasn't anything my kids haven't heard, just not broadcast by their school. That was the only negative, to an excellent production, that kept me watching for 3 hours, even though I did not speak the language.
I didn't watch the entire thing - just bits and pieces. I was glad to be able to show my wife a little bit of competition so she'd understand a little better about where I spend my Saturdays sometimes.

Didn't see the dancing thing mentioned... must have been later.

All in all, very well done video and broadcast.

Robotica said…
Hi Scott and others,

During the event I did not had time to use the internet, nor to look at it. But I'm glad you liked it.
The language is Dutch (Netherlands) and altough it has simular words it is different then English, (not all speak that ;).

regards Martyn

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