For Teachers and Students - write a book

I get a lot of questions from teachers, parents, and students about book writing and a recent email has sparked me to address this topic. A lot of people share their book ideas with me and tell me how much they would love to try and write "a book." (Believe me, I understand - that nagging itch to get something out of your head and onto a page is what drives people to this line of work...)

One of the more frequent questions involves how to get started or how to stay motivated. I can't offer a one-size-fits-all answer (and my personal motivation techniques would take too long to describe), but I would like to point teachers and students to one resource - (National Novel Writing Month). Yes, in 30 days this organization will help motivate and push you to get that book out. And they have a STUDENT VERSION! If you're a teacher who has some students who are budding writers, put them on to this site... PLEASE!

Is it crazy? Yes. Can it be done? Yes (and I've done it). Take a look at the site and read its FAQ and you might find the motivation to start writing - NXT book or something else. Good luck.


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