Jan 7, 2008

Frechen 2008 NXT class

Frechen, Germany, 2008 the first club event in the new year. Frechen is known for its impressive MOC displays. This time they also had two workshops; LCAD and MINDSTORMS NXT.
The class was lead by Stefan, who did a wonderful job. There were 6 teams of 2 kids each -- though we could have trained over 20 adults (if they had only been allowed in the class :). The kids had to program an Education robot to drive a pattern on a little riddle; “Das Haus des Nikolaus “ (the home of Santa Claus).

It is a house that you can draw in one single line, without lifting the pen from the paper, or doubling-back any line. (see image).
The kids learned how to code, and debug their own program. Even different languages are no barrier for these kids, there was a Dutch-German team that worked 2.5 hours, great team work! At the end of class each team demonstrated their robot, then I showed a few models from our Idea book. It was a great day.
more images are in this brickshelf folder


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