Java for the NXT: leJOS NXJ 0.5 is out!

The guys from leJOS NXJ, the Open Source Java platform for the NXT, have published the new beta release 0.5.

Prominent changes and new features are:
  • Support for Macintosh OSX (USB only so far)
  • Support for many third party sensors and adapters
  • Greatly improved Bluetooth support including multiple connections and power
  • RCX comms using Mindsensors NRLink adapter
  • Garbage collector
  • Improved Ultrasonic sensor support
  • Execution of code from flash
  • Automatic defrag of file system
  • Remote monitoring and tracing over Bluetooth
  • Remote debugging (tracing) over USB
  • Faster and more accurate Motor regulation
  • Speed improvements

If you are into Object Oriented Programming for your NXT robot, check it out.


ps. An updated version of the Eclipse plugin for leJOS NXJ will be provided soon.


Anonymous said…
"Remote monitoring and tracing over Bluetooth"

Does that include debugging. If I can set breakpoints in eclipse than I'd be sold!
Unknown said…
As far as I know, debugging is supported for USB only so far.
As to breakpoints - that isn't a feature of the plugin presently.
Yet, maybe there's a way to configure Eclipse accordingly manually. I'd propose to drop a question on the related leJOS NXJ forum.

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