Jumping Frog NXT

This hopping frog is from Fay's book, "LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Z00".

Can you see what Fay has done to make the frog jump and give it forward propulsion? Can you also see what gives it stability and traction? (The frog can be made from one retail kit and a couple of inexpensive, non-LEGO parts).


(P.S. The small human on the left is our son).


I love these NXT animals. Fay has done a great job designing. Having students create a robot zoo is one of my favorite activities. I am teaching a class for teachers this spring on how to lead students to create robotic animals that react to their habitat. I plan to use Fay's book. This class is supported by a grant from Spirit. Each teacher completing the class receives NXT kits and curriculum in exchange for bringing a student team to display an animal in our robotic zoo.
Read more here:

We just launched the challenges for our annual robotics competition. Students have six weeks to build and program their robots and compete. Take a look at what they're up against here:
Unknown said…
Funny. :-)
Any experiences how the brick does cope with enduring agitation?
Fay Rhodes said…
I've never run it on a hard floor and don't recommend it. Actually, in the book I specify that, lacking shock absorbers, it should be used on a rug.

In the end, it's a rather delicate hop---certainly not anything more than experienced by the sumo-bots in competition.
Unknown said…
*Tapping foot patiently....*

My kids and I are certainly anxiously awaiting Feb. 1st when the book finally ships!
Fay Rhodes said…
Alas, Amazon's release dates seem to be more accurate. Sorry to bring bad news, but I'm sure it's not shipping until late February, at least. The place to get it the earliest might be directly from No Starch Press.
Anonymous said…
Wow!! its a great experience to see Fay's sense of humour..My kids will love it to have it on the eve of frog jumping day.

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