LDraw to LEGO Digital Designer Conversion

LDraw.org has a tutorial on converting LDraw parts to LDD parts. There are caveats, of course. LDraw unofficial parts have to be handled differently than the official parts. Sometimes color conversion problems and other bugs pop up as well.

We'd be interested in hearing from folks who have done successful conversions, especially those involving NXT creations.

(Graphic courtesy of Ldraw.org)


I just tried it out, but it only seems to convert the pegs and small parts - the electrical parts and beams are all left out.

Rick Rhodes said…

Yes, I personally noticed that a lot of beams were missing as well.

I hope LEGO continues to refine the conversion capabilities from Ldraw to LDD--it would make LDD a more useful product for NXTers.

Anonymous said…
I had the same problem too... It's too bad, because many of my designs include Gyro Sensors, those large white wheels that come with education sets, and pneumatics, and none of which are in LDD which I prefer to Ldraw.

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