Natural animation with the NXT

Sibrecht Bouwstra, a Dutch student of Industrial Design, has published her design of a "Natural Animation Extension Pack for LEGO® MINDSTORMS":
"My goal was to create an actuator and brick that stimulate natural animation and are useful for
the creation of autonomous robots. Therefore, I explored with the creation of flexible bricks and a silent & small motor. The results and a practical documentation on how to create the bricks, can be found in the following link for those who are interested: [link]
I hope this information will be useful to you! A movie of the result can be found on [link] (Click on Gallery and than on the Lego brick.)"
As you can see from the pdf document, Miss Bouwstra manufactured a custom motor that is much more silent than an original NXT motor and her own (flexible) parts from plastic and latex.

Do not miss this!


Anonymous said…
the links appear to be broken......
Micah E. said…
I think the link is broken on the host page, since it doesn't work when I navigate there from the home-page. But the video is cool.
Unknown said…
Strangely, the first one, which worked some hours ago, brings up a 404 error now - someone seems to have removed the pdf document from the TUe server (?).
Thanks Matthias!

Funny thing. I play around with some of the same stuff especially on extending human senses with technology. I was engaged by my art teacher in highschool discussing the effects of tools altering Human growth over time. It is very interesting how some of our cultures are disappearing little by little as we forget how to perform basic tasks.

There is also an example on that site that is very similiar to something I have been working on since... well, for a long time and it's almost complete.

Hey, Jonathan!

Unknown said…
The pdf document is back again on the host server, obviously.
Seems it has been polished up somewhat.

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