NXTLog Sumo - Final Rounds Video

OK, I've not gotten my Sumo video together, but the people in charge of NXTLog have, and it's rather nice. Some of the final rounds have been edited together into a nice video, complete with soundtrack, and are linked to off the MINDSTORMS Special Events page. I've embedded a link to the video above as well. Really, video tells you so much more about how this event went down - including the spectator reactions you can hear in the background, and how interesting or close some of the matches were by the final rounds. The number of "come from behind" wins was a fun surprise, as in some events the winner is a complete runaway, while other times it's not uncommon to have a situation where "robot A" reliably beats "robot B" which reliably beats "robot C", and where "robot C" almost always beats "robot A" as well in a confusing round-about nobody-comes-out-on-top result. Surprising? That's because some strategies work better against some opponents, and there's always a healthy element of luck (although a good design tries to minimize that of course). In the NXTLog sumo event it was a little bit more clear cut, but still very exciting in the final rounds. Take a look at the video, and enjoy!


Anonymous said…
At about 1:07 you can see F-16's fatal flaw(s). First, the light sensor was mounted too high. So when he saw the white wedge, he thought it was the edge of the ring.

Second, when it sees the edge, it backs up too far. :(

Rick Rhodes said…
Most energetic Sumo wrestlers I've seen. Great video.


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