Preview on Benedettelli's NXT book

MCP Daniele Benedettelli, creator of many intriguing robots, has published a preview on his book
Creating cool MINDSTORMS NXT robots that is to appear in March 2008 at Apress.

The Table of Contents looks veeery promising.


Anonymous said…
The table of content looks very interesting and thank you for sharing it. Can all the robot be built with one kit and can I use the NXT software or do I haev to use another software?
Unknown said…
I doubt that the advanced models like Jonny5 can be built with simply one kit.
As for the programming language, Daniele states on the page that he is using NXC in the book.
Anonymous said…
Sorry I did not see that NXC note. Thank you. Are any of the robot able to build with one kit? I am not taught with NXC but will try and learn.
Daniele Benedettelli is a contributor over at and I bet you can find his direct line of contact (or something close) over there. He would know which models (if any) in this book can be constructed using only one NXT kit.

Anonymous said…
Hi, I'm Danny.
The NXC language can be learned starting with my tutorial and the well-written NXC guide by John Hansen (
The robots can be built using:
Chap2: one kit
Chap4: one kit
Chap5: one kit
Chap6: one kit
Chap7: one kit
Chap8: two kits+many extras
Chap9: one kit + touch sensor

To make a remote.controlled JohnNXT, you need more than 3 NXT sets.


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