Jan 27, 2008

Results Final FLL Benelux

It was a great day, and I hope some of you got a chance to look at the webstream, it was professionally done. I was standing close to the arena and heard a lot of the competition going on.

These are the results:

1st place University Twente Chamions Award: (going to Atlanta!)
Herta-Mechanics fom the Herta-Lebenstein Realschule in Germany (This was one of the cross border schools that were allowed to compete with us)
Second place and second place in Robot Challange:
icNRG as a friendsteam from Eindhoven
Third place:
De Spaarlampjes from Johannesschool in Hillegom

First place in Robot Function and second place in robot Design:
3T Rox from De Telgenborch in Almelo

First place in robot Design and Programing:
C3PO also a Friends team from Den Haag

Congratulations to you all and I hope you had a great day.

More images will follow soon.


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Anonymous said...

Excuses dat ik dit blog misbruik om je persoonlijk te mailen. Tijdens de FLL hebben wij jouw mailadres gekregen om je te mailen over een robotica-club bij ons in de buurt. Het mailadres blijkt echter niet te werken en een alternatief mailadres kan ik via Google niet vinden. Kun je mij alsjeblieft je mailadres geven? (en deze 'comment' wissen?) Linda ( info@alledagenpauze.nl )

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