RoboRealm Part II

Earlier I made a post about some things I've done with the RoboRealm software. Soon after I posted, however, I found some more capabilities this software has. It turns out that you can use the software for enabling functions that don't involve a camera. For example, you can use the keyboard or a joystick to interact with your robots through the software. I've tried the keyboard module, and it works very well. I built a small rover and made a program that let me control the rover with the arrow keys. I even took it a step further by enabling power control with the number keys (from 1 for lowest power to 4 for greatest), and sound control (pushing different number keys makes the rover say different things). Another nice functon of the software is that I can see readings from the US, Light, and Sound sensors which are on the rover. This lets me sit at my computer and control the robot in a different room or floor, by using the reading from the US sensor to avoid obstacles. When my wireless camera is in range, I can also use it to navigate by watching the video on the screen. I'll post a video of the robot later on.



Anonymous said…
Yea, I really like the software.
Is it possible to post *.robo code here?

You can't upload it in a post, but you could upload it on the web and post the link here.

rb95403 said…
Could you post some screenshots of the program?
The NXT-G program isn't anything significant... it's mainly just a big number switch block which has actions for each different number recieved from the PC (for example, if it recieves the number one, it moves forward, since the PC sends a value of 1 to the NXT when the Up Arrow Key is pressed).


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