RoboRealm Robot Video

Here's the video of my rover being controlled by the keyboard... something you can see in the video that I didn't mention in my post is that I mounted my wireless camera on a motor, and can pan it up and down using the Page Up and Page Down keys - this lets me see more when using the camera to navigate.

One thing I noticed after making this robot is that controlling it from the keyboard feels like playing a very realistic video game. :P


P.S. Another thing I did with the keyboard function is make a NXT Messenger. I can type a message on my keyboard up in my room and someone can read it two floors down on my NXT display screen. :-)


Good Stuff Jonathan!

Your NXT Messenger could come in handy when someone has the Flu and needs something...the robot could bring it back.

Vincent said…
Very cool! What you can do now is control this over the Internet. This would be pretty easy using Skype:
- a video call would give you the camera display
- using the API Skype provides, either chat or the App2App one, you could send the RoboRealm commands over the net

Good idea... it would work perfectly in our case, since the "something" we would probably need would be the robot itself. :)


That's an interesting idea, but I probably won't get into it... I don't have Skype anyway.


Lol, I'll have to CAD it then, because there's no way it's going to survive until April. :P

tuncay said…
I know it's been too long since this posted but could you please send the building instructions and/or the program for this robot?

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