Robot Lawnmower

Last week we shared with you the new website that has some great robot designs with complete building instructions (and programs) for you to follow. This is just a reminder that the site updates regularly - the latest is a personal favorite of mine - the Robot Lawnmower. It's a nice little design and very true to the real world object - it's even got push button start! Check it out here.

I especially like the "Challenges" that are provided for learning more and expanding the functionality of the robots.


Anonymous said…
Put a couple straight razor blades on that and it could mow the lawn and i can sit back and have a soda
Anonymous said…
THis one is first on our list I think!

Fay Rhodes said…
I agree with LEGOmom, this lawnmower just might be at the top of my list. It looks like a lawnmower and it's not overbuilt--downright classy it is!


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