Tread Observation

Earlier I was absently toying with the treads I posted about earlier while doing some studying, and I happened to find an interesting thing you can do with them. If you curve the treads backwards, you can make a circle out of them, where the insides of the links are facing outward:

So I was wondering if maybe this construction could be used for something like a giant wheel or gear (turntable?), since sprockets can mesh with the outer rim of the circle to rotate it. And since the links have peg holes in them, you can put supports inside the circle:

You can also use the peg holes to put an axle hole or something similar at the center of the circle, so it can attach to a robot (i.e. actually be useful :-) ).

Any ideas for how to use/improve something like this?



Micah E. said…
There have been some very creative projects on NXTlog using the treads in just that manner:
Tail Spin and Quad Runner
Nice... I remember seeing the Quad Runner before, but I'd forgotten that it used those treads like that. That's great to see they work.

Noddin Nerds said…
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Talking Chimp said…
How about that space station thingie from 2001: A Space Odyssey?
Joshua Heinzl said…
This looks similar to the new Hailfire droid set which does the same thing but with chain links.

Peter Hoh said…
If LEGO were to make a rubber tipped pin that could fit into these treads like cleats on golf shoes, that would make for some awesome gripping power.
NXTFreak said…
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NXTFreak said…
My project on NXTlog uses two treads as huge wheels. You can search for "Bi-Wheeler" on NXTlog to find it.
Yeah, rubber-tipped pegs would be perfect... plus they'd have plenty of other uses.

Anonymous said…
I don't know how the word is in English but whit this you can make mybe a "Plattenspieler" (with it you can read old music from the round black things :D )
NXTMonger said…
Do you mean a record player?

Anonymous said…
What kit did these tread links come from
Unknown said…
This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Brickvista's rover wheels are too small, and the Hailfire ones are too large. I'm building (in LDD) a car that will be ~4 feet long and more than a foot wide. Wheels of this size might just fit the bill! You wouldn't happen to have an ldr file of this?

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