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2007 Engadget Awards - Robot of the Year


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NXT Zoo Book Now In Stock at

Laser Object Detection

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Chapter Excerpts from the "NXT Zoo Book"

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Robotics Academy Redesigns Site for Educators

NXT Beam Weapon

NXT "Printer"

Coin Sorter (how to save enough money for your next NXT)

Great Ball Contraption (GBC) and treads

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Bot'Oberfest 2008

New release of NXC with enhanced support for the HiTechnic iRLink device

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NXT as prototype

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Fueling robot

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Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT

Blue Knights Take First at Regional


Final Cover for the "NXT ZOO" Book

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Multi-Sensitivity Acceleration Sensor

NXT, XBox Controller, and RoboRealm...