Chapter Excerpts from the "NXT Zoo Book"

Shown here is the stegosaurus. The link to three chapter excerpts is here.

There are numerous parts substitutions listed throughout the book. (For example, the book shows how the "scales" of the stegosaurus can be made in different ways). There are also parts packs that make building easier. (The education resource set is a helpful adjunct for seven of the nine models).

More details regarding parts will be in a forthcoming post.


Unknown said…
the feature on the parts substitutions is an extraordinary good idea!
NXTMonger said…
That's a great dinosaur, Fay!!! I can't wait till your book comes out!
Anonymous said…
Any updates on when the book will actually be published and available? Amazon keeps pushing the date back on me. It was supposed to ship at the beginning of Feb.
Fay Rhodes said…
As far as I know, the original release date was February 15, but that was moved to the 18th. I don't know how much time passes between when it is finished at the printer and when Amazon gets it, but I'm waiting for my author copies to arrive in the next day or two. (I don't know where Amazon got the beginning of February for a release date.)

Anonymous said…
Amazon now has it listed as shipping March 4th for my order, but...I'm not holding my breath. Other sites won't even let you purchase the book (eg., Barnes and Noble), so I doubt anyone really knows when it will be ready.
Fay received her author copies, so the book is definitely out. When I got my author copies, I drove to B&N and they had 2 copies in a box ready for the stocker to put on the shelf.

Not sure why the date says March 4, but the book has been printed and shipped from the printers.

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