Classroom Activites for the Busy Teacher: NXT


A few people had issues with the sample pages opening in Adobe. These have now been fixed.

Sample Pages -

I also received some questions about the Table of Contents, as they are a little cryptic as to what they contain. Here is a brief run down of each chapter.

What is a Robot?
- Assignment on what constitutes a robot, the history of robots and their place in society

- As the name implies, a section on flowcharting and why it is important when developing programs

Domabot Basics
- Learning about the 'Move' block through a series of classroom activities

How Fast?
- Testing and recording data about the performance of the robot. Graphing the relationship between speed and power

How many sides?
- Using the Loop block to draw polygons

Help! I'm Stuck
- Using the Touch sensor to get out of trouble

Help! I'm (still) Stuck
- Using the Ultrasonic sensor to get out of trouble

Stay Away from the edge
- Using the light sensor to detect the edge of the table

Did you hear that?
- Using the Sound sensor to react to noises

Mini golf / Dancing Robots / Mexican Wave / Robot Butler
- Projects that the students can design and build

As seen on TV
- Multimedia presentation assignment to 'sell' the robot the the general public

Student Worksheets
- All chapters have an associated student worksheet that presents the scenario and leads them through the activities required.

Build Notes
- Building instructions for the main robot as well as the the Touch / Sound / Light / Ultrasonic sensors and marker pen attachment.

Don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments

Damien Kee


Anonymous said…
PDF looks great now!

Smart Mover said…
where 2 get the pdf? can't find it on ur page anywhere. only sample pages.
Damien Kee said…
Hi Smart Mover,

At the moment we are only offering the book in hard copy format, not pdf download.

Damien Kee

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