Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT

We have just released our first dedicated resource book for teachers "Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher : NXT"

This book outlines a 10 week set of lesson plans for teacher wishing to implement robotics in their classroom. A set of robotics challenges are presented, centered around the LEGO NXT MINDSTORMS system. The workbook includes 10 robotic based challenges as well as 3 additional modules with assessment activities covering Robots in Society, Flowcharting and Multimedia Presentations.

It is aimed towards Middle Years schooling (ages 9 - 15) although the challenges can be adapeted to suit older age groups.

Each module includes:

  • A real world scenario
  • Basic theory of the concepts presented
  • Teachers notes outlining the most common issues and how to solve them
  • Example Programs in the NXT-G development environment
  • Extension activities
  • Student worksheets
Sample pages can be downloaded from here and the full book can be ordered from the cafepress site

Damien Kee


Andrew Davidson said…
It would be useful if your post mentioned what grade or age ranges these projects are intended for.
Damien Kee said…
Sorry, missed that bit out.

It is aimed towards middle years schooling (ages 9-15) although the activities can be adapted to suit older students.

Anonymous said…
How about 'Damien, would you please post the age and grade that would find this book most useful?'

Manners have gone out the door in this country. A simple and polite request would have been much nicer to read.

Sorry, but I'm trying to teach my children manners and even though Andrew probably meant no offense, his wording could have been chosen more carefully and with less snippiness.

Unknown said…
Thanks for this book! I'll probably condense some of the lessons and use this for an FLL workshop primer.
Mark said…
I'm working with a group of 3-4 graders this spring (trying to build some basic skills in anticipation of next years FLL competition) and this book looks like it could be a wonderful resource. How difficult would it be to modify some of the material to target it at their abilities/interests? Also, I'd love to see the Table of contents. Would you be so kind as to provide it?

Thanks in advance,
Anonymous said…
I have troubles downloading the sample pages.
Am I the only one?

Damien Kee said…

Adapting the challenges to grades 3-4 shouldn't be a problem, they will probably need just a little more hand holding to get them through. There is a table of contents in the smaple pages.

I checked the server this morning and it all looks ok to me. Try again when you get a chance.

Andrew Davidson said…
Dear Marie,

One of the obvious problems with written language (as opposed to spoken) is the lack of inflection, and so interpretation is always a factor.

There was no snippiness intended in my post, just a simple suggestion to the author, to which he gracefully responded.

I could counter that your comment impugning my lack of manners was on the impolite side as well.

Perhaps my post could serve as a "teaching moment" for your kids about the subtleties of language and the need for careful phrasing in written communications?

I don't wish to engage in a flame here, but did feel the need to respond.

Anonymous said…
Although the content of this title sounds appealing for teachers, $60 is very expensive for a 128 page spiral bound book. Most teachers pay for supplies out of their own shallow pockets.

I would suggest separate (and more reasonable pricing $20-$30) for a simple web download of the book.
A problem with downloadable material is that it is eventually pirated bypassing the author.

Anonymous said…
$60 isn't too bad.

For a 10 week plan, thats only $6 per week for a plan and student worksheets.
Damien Kee said…
As a teacher resource, I have tried to price it as competitively as possible.

It is effectively a guide you could put in front of any teacher (new to robotics or not) and it would provide them with enough content to run a significant robotics project in a term.

The spiral binding was chosen from the feedback I got from teachers as it makes it much easier to photocopy the student worksheets.

Anonymous said…
The inclusion of a cd with pdf files of the curriculum would be nice. Maybe offer this as a stand alone non-paper version at a lower cost.

Kaan Yaprak said…
Hi Damien Kee,

I want to buy pdf version of this book.

Please help...

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