c/net review of LDD

The popular technology review site CNET.com has just posted a review of LEGO Digital Designer.

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Unknown said…
Well, apparently the authors of that article did not try LDD on a complex TECHNIC model, and obviously did not preform much research on the options for digitally modelling LEGO provided by the community - not a word on LDraw which is much more established than LDD (a conclusion like "This program is probably the best facsimile around for replicating the fun of Lego bricks in a digital environment, and since it's free, it's certainly the cheapest Lego experience you'll ever have" is simply ... well ... embarrasing).
Anonymous said…
I also found that LDD was so lacking in ability to buid anythink complex that with in a few minutes I removed the program.

I tried to build TriTrax 2008 and X2, but with all the gears and being centered around many Large Turntables with so many angle changes the LDD kept tring to place the parts in places it wanted to.

I still use MLcad and with that I can build anything I can think of no matter how complex. Not as pretty of a program but in function it is the best.
Anonymous said…
LDD is better for the general population. You may as well tell children to steer clear of NXT-G and use Labview instead. I suppose if Labview was offered for free, you'd do just that.
Unknown said…
Whatever "general population" means here...
Nobody is telling someone to steer clear of LDD or NXT-G. The point simply is that the article is poorly researched and generates a wry picture of the situation.

LDD _is_ very good in respect to intuitiveness and ease of use, but it still has numerous glitches that makes the present version more or less useless for complex TECHNIC (or NXT) models. No doubt that will be fixed in future releases, though.

By the way: There _is_ a free LABView Student version - yet, I do not tell children to use it ... ;)
Anonymous said…
I have a free version of lab view also . all you have to do ask them for it.

I never used the word general population in my reasons "I dont like it". Just stated why I dont think its worth the Bit space on my drive.

I wonder if "anonymous" has ever tried Leo cad or Ml cad? They are free too, oh and you dont have to be online like LDD seems to need to "check lib files". Pluss you get the AFLO's that update the Lib files all the time.

A big thanks to Philo for his never ending work on this and the many others i do not know that keep these programs up to date.

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