FLL International - Who's coming?

Just a little over 2 months away, FLL International is looking to be bigger and better than last year. So, who's coming? Did your team make it through the qualifiers? Are you coming just to watch and look around?

LEGO, LEGO Education, and HiTechnic will all have representatives on site (as well as many MUP/MDP/MCP members in attendance) - The NXT Step will be covering the event as well, with pictures, interviews, news, and more.

If you're going to be here, let us know. We'd love to meet you and your team and anyone else you bring along.


Anonymous said…
I won't be going to Atlanta but I hope to go (as a spectator) to the Minnesota Hi Tech kids tournament.
Anonymous said…
Team 299 "Bearbotics" from Brookwood Elementary School in Houston, Texas will be there as winners of the Lone Star FLL Tournament.

Coach Linda Barrington

PS: We are first time attendees, and and advice or tips are appreciated.

As a former Texan (and Houstonian), let me say congrats to the team and PLEASE have the team come say hello!

Jim Kelly
Anonymous said…
Hi Linda,

My #1 tip would be to get the closest hotel you can. If possible, spend the $$$$'s and book rooms at the Omni. If you want to email me (rsthj @ uaf period edu) I'd be happy to discuss it. I've been twice and there are definitely things I'll do differently if I ever get to go again.


Brookwood will be there? Cool! I was the mentor for Brookwood's NanoBears last year (2nd place in Texas).

I will be in Atlanta and will be looking for you guys!

AlexD said…
I deeply dislike the new lottery system! What message is it sending to the kids: "Work hard, do well, then wait to see which way the dice fall"? Hope they reconsider it for next year.

My team may be going to MN as well.
Dean Hystad said…
"Work hard then wait to see which way the dice fall" is a pretty good message to send to kids. Hard work can overcome many obstacles, but its also important to know how to take a punch. Smart hardworking kids who never experienced failure won't know what to do when they meet someone who is smarter or works harder.

I'm seldom impressed by my team's success. They're smart kids and I expect them to do well. But I am very proud of how they handle disappointment. Maybe a couple minutes of histrionics and then its all business and how do we salvage something from this situation.
Anonymous said…
Alex, what lottery are you talking about? Does your state draw a team from all the regional winners to go to FLL?
Dean Hystad said…
He's talking about how FLL is reducing the number of teams going to the world festival while at the same time the number of tournaments is going up. Not everyone who wins a Champions award gets an automatic invite. From what I hear things have been broke for a while with the World Festival getting too big for the facilities. I guess you can't complain too much if your problems are caused by growing too large too fast.

I don't know if "lottery" is correct. I've heard nothing about how tournament slots at the World Festival were distributed.
Anonymous said…
I'll be there, with camera and video in hand!

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