New NXT blog

Andrew contacted me about his new NXT blog... from Andrew:

"I am just getting it up and running and am now in the process of getting the word out. is going to contain blog posts with information, news, help topics, tutorials and a section to show off My Projects. I also have a forum that people will be able to talk about different topics including news about NXT, getting help on certain projects, discussion on my projects, and other subjects that relate to the Lego Mindstorms Community."

Check it out here.


snowblader13 said…
Thank you Jim for the post. I Hope to see all of you over there.

Anonymous said…
Andrew, I really like your website! Waiting for more!
Anonymous said…
I'm now a contributor on this website, and it's great!
NXTMonger said…
I'm contributing too now. Yay!

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