New NXT Book

Syngress has a book listed for release in June 2008 called "Programming Lego Mindstorms NXT" written by Owen Bishop. From

Key Features:
* a how-to guide for programming your robot, using NXT-G and Microsoft VPL
* ten robot-specific projects show how to extend your robot's capabilities beyond the manufacturer's provided software. Examples of projects include:Maze solver,Robot House Builder,Search (obstacle avoidance),Song and Dance Act
* flowcharts and data flow diagrams are used to illustrate how to develop programs
* introduces basic programming structures
* includes a DVD w/ e-text, programming code, and link to accompanying website

If you have any more information on the book, please let us know.


ps. And a note to Syngress: It's LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT - all caps - just a friendly reminder from those of us who have heard from the LEGO legal department in the past ;)


Unknown said…
Obviously a professional author with more than 70 books.
Yet, I've never heard anything about him in connection with the NXT so far.
Unknown said…
There's also a description on Elsevier. The part that says "[...] to programs generating some degree of artificial intelligence" sounds rather ambitious (let's see, though, if this promise is really kept in the end - "some degree" leaves a lot of room...).
Apparently not a book for complete NXT beginners and the author seems to have some experience in robotics and writing about it - all things that makes this book project worthwhile for me to keep an eye on it.
BlueToothKiwi said…
Hopefully the author would see Jim's comment in time before the print run - so he can finalise the title (capitalisation). Or may be it is simply a data entry error on the part of

I think it gets harder and harder for authors to have a unique value proposition, once the conventional idea's for what you can do with NXT, how to program it, and how to hack it have been already covered. I take my hat off to any author without a NXT track record to take on the subject and come up with the book in a relatively crowded market (given the size of the audeince).
Anonymous said…
Most of his books are electronics specialty books so I'm curious about his NXT background. Anyone know if he was on the MDP or if he participates in Lego discussion groups?

- Nathan -

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