New NXTLOG Challenge

The latest NXTLOG Challenge is up. From the description:

"The MINDSTORMS NXT Camera Bot Building Challenge is asking you to create the NXT spy bot, paparazzi bot, photojournalist bot, or even a robotic fashion photographer.

We are looking for robots that can take still photos (not video), and we want you to also share the pictures taken from your robot’s point of view.

There's no limit on amount of LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT sensors, motors, NXT programmable bricks, HiTechnic sensors, or Bluetooth communication you can use on your MINDSTORMS NXT Camera Bot."

Read more here.


Robotica said…
Nice new chalange.
But wait is that not Jim's robot form the NXT Idea Book... I wonder if also the LEGO judges will look thru the red and green glasses?

Yes, that's my 3DPhotoBot from the Idea Book. I won't be submitting it as a competitor ;)

Good luck to everyone that participates... I'm especially interested in this challenge - I'm very curious to see what people do with an NXT and a camera.

Andy said…
Hehe, I will use my new Nokia N95 cellphone that has 5mp camera with blitz (sp?) to take the pictures and maybe get the NXT to send a BT command instead of using a motor to trigger the camera? :-P Very interseting challange.


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