New Web Site for the "NXT Zoo" Book

The companion web site to the book, "LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT ZOO!" features the following:

* Illustrations of all nine models in the book

* A tutorial on parts substitutions for the models in the book

* Downloadable instructions for producing animal sounds for your NXT (for both Windows and Mac)

* Little-known facts about the real animals that the models represent

* A complete parts list for every model in the book

* Links to where you can buy every part used in the book (via Bricklink)

* Lists of other LEGO models that use the same parts as those in the book (via Peeron)

The site is here.


NXTMonger said…
Hee hee.
Great website Fay and Rick!
Who knew they used camel sounds for Chewbacca's voice? Where did you find that fact?
Robotica said…
Good work, Fay.

I like books with a good website, that continues where the book could not go (sounds).


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