NXT Beam Weapon

Last week I decided to try making an NXT gun using the spinning wheels concept, since the NXT motors are more powerful than the RCX ones and can therefore spin the wheels faster. It came out pretty good... it can shoot 1*5 beams (hence the name, "Beam" Weapon :P ) over 23 feet. The magazine has a capacity of 10 beams, and can shoot single or rapid fire.

Below is a video of the gun in action... a touch sensor is used for the trigger, and a motor pushes a beam into the wheels to launch it.



Anonymous said…
Aw, kid, you'll put your eye out ;)
I like it... nice use of gearing, too.

Just don't put your eye out, Jonathan... kidding. (Nice use of movie quote, anon!)

NXTMonger said…
Nice project, Jonathan...
On my shooter I was going to use those beams as projectiles too... Until I used them all up in it's construction!

lol... actually it doesn't hurt even at point blank range, although it could probably demolish a LEGO structure pretty well.

My original goal with this project was to mount the gun on a rover and program it such that I could control it via the key board (move around, move the gun up and down, shoot, etc.)... unfortunately the gun turned out too big for that, so I'm moving on to something else.

Rick Rhodes said…
A most excellent shooter, Jonathan!

Anonymous said…
great job !
can you prepare build instructions ?
Anonymous said…
Man, I like your robot and your cool idea! =D I happen to have an nxt myself and I was wondering if you can post the instructions on the web. [ Its okay if you want to keep it a secret recipe. =) ]
Alright, I'll make some up if I get the time... it might take a little while, though.

Anonymous said…
Thanks man! We will appreciate the instructions (Though I'm not sure my sister will, muhahaha. =D)

How many projectiles does it hold?

-Pie nxt
Anonymous said…
Oh okay it holds 10, I read it again=D

-Pie nxt
Anonymous said…
Great work Jonathan!! What programs does your nxt intellectual "Brain" brick use for firing?

It's just a simple NXT-G program that gradually turns the motors on full power and then fires a shot when the touch sensor is pressed. If the touch sensor is held down, it fires repeatedly. I'll post it along with the building instructions.

Anonymous said…
That is the best NXT gun I've ever seen!
Unknown said…
When you´re poasting your buildingstruction?
I want to build an self shooting machine :)

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