NXT "Printer"

Gives new meaning to the term, "dot matrix".


Eric D. Burdo said…
I like seeing old-school implementations with new technology.

I wonder if it's capable of moving to a second line?
Damien Kee said…
By the looks of it, one motor moves the cart along, one controls the how far up and down the page the pen tip is. The last raises and lowers the pen tip.

You could get a second line if the that up/down location on the page mechanism was widened much further. But it looks like the bot itself would not be able to maneuver to a 2nd line by itself.

Airkraft-NXT said…
Hehe i posted this a few weeks ago on my website!

still, its a cool video.

i was contacted by the owner a few days ago after he saw it at http://www.airkraft-nxt.blogspot.com, and he gave me a link to a website where he is based. i will tryand find that link again, as i have lots the message!

Anonymous said…
Very nice!! =D You got talent man. How did you program the robot to do that? Can you give me some instructions? (Just kidding! You can keep it secrete if you want)

Lego typewriters, can movers, launch rifles, what's next?

Wait! I got an idea! To the kitchen!

-Pie maker robot T56
Unknown said…
I'm trying to rebuild this print head but I'm getting slower print performance. Does somebody knows who build this robot ?

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