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Update to New LEGO 3D Renderer


Building Instructions for Yoshihito Isogawa's NXT Walker

Drum Machine Robot

Unofficial Guide to FIRST LEGO League

Another's Version of the "NXT Peacock"

March 27 Update from FIRST

Volunteers needed for 2008 HTK FLL International Open

FIRST/FTC/FLL still happening in April

NXT Temperature Sensor

NXT-G 2.0 : Datalogging


Mindstorms/Technic Robotic Hand

The Easter Bunny Strikes Back - Happy Easter to everyone!

Hand Generator Car

More details on NXT and FTC

Phobot: A NXT robot simulating emotions

Update on FLL in April

RSS Feed for

Java on the NXT: Eclipse plugin for leJOS NXJ 0.5

Work Units and Lesson Plans for the NXT

Wind-up Ballerina

new pbLua version released

NXT in FLL... now also in FTC!

FLL World Competition Status...

HRI2008 show, Amsterdam

NXT-G Online: A Virtual Programming Teaching Environment

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Interview with NXT "Zoo Book" Author, Fay Rhodes, on the LEGO Web Site

Mayan Adventure Camp Week

LEGO Education Centre in Shanghai

Power Functions Remote Control Sensor for NXT

NXTLOG Camera Bot Winners

Houston area FLL team champs

Fight Back against overpriced pieces

RCX Sensor multiplexer for NXT

Interview with Dave Parker

3-Speed Transmission with Clutch

NXTLOG Biped Building Challenge

PF remote control for LDRAW

NXTLOG 5000 Winners - Is it YOUR robot?

NXT and Space Exploration Studies

Mystery Warehouse Module Series

Rubik's Cube - Who Needs a Camera?

NXT and Basketball

Snowmobile races at