Building Instructions for Yoshihito Isogawa's NXT Walker

The instructions are not step-by-step; hence, they are challenging to follow. But they are the most detailed instructions yet for what is arguably one of the best NXT walkers ever built.

An interview with Yoshito is on the MINDSTORMS web site.


NXTMonger said…
Yeah, I saw this a while back and I wanted to build it but I didn't have very many of the required pieces at the time so I had to completely redesign it. It actually worked very well except for the fact that it swayed from side to side so much that it would fall over after about 10 seconds of walking. I called it "The Drunken Walker"!
Anonymous said…
Funny name nxtmonger!! This walker is so cool and walks incredibly smoothly! Incredible use of gears and beams to create a smooth walking action.

Anonymous said…
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I built that a while back, but was unable to get it to walk. It was a lot of fun to build though. W/ the NXT on it the legs had too much weight on them - I was told to try NiMh batts instead of alkaline, but moved onto another project. W/out the NXT the legs moved well, but my gears would get bound up or skip and the legs had to be calibrated frequently.
I HIGHLY reccomend Isogawa's Tora No Maki download book - It's incredible!
Rod Gillies said…
I've been fiddling about with a variant on this for the last month or so, hoping to finish it in time for the NXTlog challenge. Failed in that objective, but probably just as well as the design was fairly heavily "inspired" by this one!

Mine seems a bit sturdier than the original, but so far seems resistant to actually walking properly. I'll post pics and vids if I ever get it going.

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