Drum Machine Robot

While this robot lacks maneuverability, it is creative in its musicality. (The best action starts 45 seconds into the video).

Someone should build an NXT version of this robot.


Anonymous said…
This has nothing to do with Lego?
So why post it here?
Brian Davis said…
Because it's an interesting application of simple robotics, and one that should be fairly simple to emulate with the NXT... so maybe readers will use this for inspiration.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad this was posted, it is a really cool application of a simple idea and it's definitely inspired me to build something like it with my NXT set. Hopefully my robot will have as good a sense of rhythm as the one in the video.
That was great! I'm positive that an NXT robot could be built to mimic that or even add to it's functions.

Anonymous - lighten up. We've posted non-NXT items before when we felt they might be an inspiration or somehow related to our hobby.

Anonymous said…
Great robot! I love the music it creates! Definitely on my list of robots to make. Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said…
I think an NXT version would be quite a challenge.

1. Too many control channels.
2. No sound recording and playback
3. NXT motors are poor choice for
moving the drumsticks. Would
require some sort of fancy
linkage to get the desired

But challenging robots are more fun to build anyway.

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