Mar 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny Strikes Back - Happy Easter to everyone!

I've received LEGO's new motorized AT-AT walker and somehow it disguised itself as an Easter Bunny and went down to Hoth:

Happy Easter everyone!


snowblader13 said...

Wow, Its amazing how similar the movement between the LEGO one and the ones in the movie are.

Great Movie Matthias!!!

Thebuilder94 said...

Thats Nice! I like the bunny twist!
Happy Easter to you too and God bless!

NXTMonger said...

That's a really good video Matthias! What editing software did you use?

Matthias Paul Scholz said...


Thank you. :-)
I used Windows Movie Maker.

Andy said...

Haha! That was awsome! It's incredible what you can do in such an easy piece of software as WMM.
Happy eater to y'all! Keep up the good video editing Matthis! :P


Anonymous said...

I thought the bunny teeth were cute, then I saw the bunny tail! Classic!

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