FIRST/FTC/FLL still happening in April

I spoke this morning with someone at the World Congress Center who told me that FIRST is still scheduled and will happen. The issue right now is logistics and holding everything (competition, pits, display areas, etc.) and where... I'm expecting a call today or tomorrow from someone who hopefully will provide more information on locations of the events. The good news, of course, is that FLL is still on and I'm sure they'll get all this figured out before April 17... see you then!


Anonymous said…
After seeing all the broken windows at the Westin Peachtree hotel, I checked with the reservation service to see if my team would still be able to stay there. I was told that the only teams that had to be moved were in the Omni hotel.

I hope the convention center and dome can be repaired in time, but if FIRST is relocated, we will adapt. I'm just glad that the event is not cancelled.


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