HRI2008 show, Amsterdam

At the International Conference about Human-Robot interaction, National Instruments and LEGO teamed up to show their products.

Together with Daniel Wittenaar, I attended to help out Steven Canvin (LEGO) and Andy Bell (NI). We had some real great new models on display (picture 2 and 3).

There was a Competition for university students to build a model demonstrating the Human-Robot interaction. They were given just one retail box and a RFID sensor with tags (picture 4, is the complete group and their robots).
Look forward for highlights on this event the next weeks.



Brian Davis said…
It looks like you guys had a great time - wish the rest of us could have been there, but thanks for including the rest of us with this post. What were the highlights for you?

Regarding the balancing NXTway, I actually have a similar picture of an earlier model...

Brian Davis
Robotica said…
Hi Brian, the highlights were:

1) Labview powered NXT Stand alone
2) I did do a rebuild of Philo's NXTWay, but due to light conditions I could not get it to balance properly.
3) NXT build into the PF-ATAT (replacing the PF motor, with a NXT motor) by Daniel.
4) NXT goal keeper by Daniel.
5) Several real interesting lectures,about Robot-Human interaction.
6) Great models by the studens, but more on those later.

Robotica said…
more images form this event:

Brickshelf images HRI 2008

Unknown said…

looks great.
What abilities did the NXT add to the AT-AT walker?

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