NXTLOG 5000 Winners - Is it YOUR robot?

We searched through 100's of innovative MINDSTORMS NXT projects to showcase for this tremendous milestone on NXTLOG. And the winner of NXTLOG 5000 is...

First Place
Mars Explorer Mk1 with Lander(PF Inc)
Created by: mezzauk
This is mezzauk's first NXT project, and it's awesome! It is an explorer robot with a PF (Power Function) enabled lander. The explorer begins by ordering the lander to lower both sides then the front so it can exit. A medium PF motor serves as a small radar/communication tower at the back - it rotates while the left, right, and front are deployed. The Mars Explorer Mk1 with Lander(PF Inc) is built with sets 8527, 8273, 9648, 8285, PF motor set and other small parts. We applaud mezzauk's first and winning contribution to NXTLOG. Thanks for your amazing and innovative work!

Second Place
Brick Sorter Crane
Created by: pejensen
Another first project on NXTLOG, this project included everything; great documentation, pictures, a program file, and an LDD file! This 2x2 LEGO bricks sorter can sort bricks in white, gray and black. The Sound Sensor activates the program to sort the LEGO bricks in the holder. All 3 motors are used and only the Ultrasonic sensor is not used. Congratulations pejensen!

Third Place
Stair Climber 2000
Created by: mikeike68
mikeike68's 6th project on NXTLOG, is a stair climber robot that can keep itself up without shifting weight or using a lot of gears. It is a simple design that uses flaps to lift itself up and rear wheels to push. mikeike68 shares a great documentation and LDD file. Thanks for sharing this amazing invention and helping NXTLOG reach new heights!

Honorable Mention
piano bot
Created by: vincentliu

Created by: ®NXT

Ping-Pong Ball Throwing Maniac
Created by: Antonio947

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Mezzauk said…
Hi, here's my bot in action, pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Mk2 in the design phase as we speak!


I hope everyone enjoys it and it inspires someone to create!

Josh said…
Hello I was one of the honorable mentions for number 5000
Josh said…
NXSafari is my robot.

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