Phobot: A NXT robot simulating emotions

Martyn already has posted about the International Conference about Human-Robot interaction, and one of the robots on display there was Phobot, a NXT robot designed by students of the Univeryity of Amsterdam to mimic emotions. The target of Phobot (that won the Human-Robot Interaction 2008 Student Design Competition) is
"meant as a concept exploring possible support tools for kids with object or location-related phobias,"
as the associated web site states.

Have a look there - you will find a lot of interesting stuff, including a video.


Anonymous said…
Surely, this isn't simulating emotions, but simulating the expression of emotion?

Neat robot though.
>Surely, this isn't simulating
>emotions, but simulating the
>expression of emotion?

How do you simulate emotions without expressing them?
Robotica said…
Thanks Matthias, you were just ahead of me in posting this.
I will also post about the other robots of the HRI contest, when the material comes available.


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