Rubik's Cube - Who Needs a Camera?

I've been very impressed with Danny's Rubik's Cube solver, both the mechanics and the programming (both of which I might add are beyond my usual range of experience). I recently came across another version by Hans Andersson of an NXT-based Rubik's solver, but one that is completely standalone - no PC or even image processing is required, and the parts list looks to be well under one NXT kit. It uses the US sensor to detect when a cube is placed in the cradle, and then scans it using nothing more exotic than the stock light sensor (he has used a specially colored cube to make the colors easily distinguished). Take a look at the YouTube video - in particular, watch the multi-jointed motion of the arm, (it seems to be a very nicely designed mechanism), as well as the simple way the scanning is accomplished. Not to mention the fun sounds it uses while calculating a solution. I'd love some more details on this project but I don't have any...yet. I am guessing he's used NXC with Bricx Command Center, as they are listed on his links page. Visit his site - it's brief, but well-written.

Han's Tilted Twister website:

Brian Davis


Eric D. Burdo said…
WOW! All from 1 retail kit (plus a rubiks cube with custom colored stickers).

Approx 6 minutes to solve the puzzle.. including scan, calculate and solve (rotate) times.
Anonymous said…
would be great to get more information about programming such great bot.

keep me informed via this blog

Anonymous said…
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Xander Soldaat said…
The author has now released the source code and an LDD file so you can make your own and learn from it.

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